Overview Mobile Video System
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Battery powered compact video platform with 6 axis motorized motion
Established in 1979
Design & Fabrication of Custom Engineered Machinery
The recently developed Overview Mobile Video System™ is a unique, FCC Section 15 certified mobile camera system that allows for easy setup and filming in almost any setting. Our system was designed to meet the challenges of filming in the tight confines of a surgical suite, and the OverView acheives this by giving the operator full motorized control of the entire system while keeping bulky equipment and personnel safely away from the surgical team. All while under battery power.
  • Designed for filming in surgical suites
  • Setup is extremely fast and simple
  • Camera head stored internally when not in use for added security
  • Sturdy yet thin arm with long overhead reach keeps system unobtrusive and out of the way
  • Fits through standard doorways when collapsed
  • Battery life of up to 15 hours
  • Onboard LCD monitor, with additional HDMI output
  • Integrated camera controls (camera dependant)
  • FCC certified to operate in hospitals
  • The head and system can be designed to integrate the camera of your choosing
  • Newer versions of the Overview include an updated pant-tilt-roll head, and an optional motorized drive cart which makes the system nearly effortless to move between locations
6 motorized axes of motion
  • Boom lift (swings arm up in an arc, placing head up to 10.8 feet [130 inches] from ground)
  • Boom extension (arm telescopes out from 4.3 feet [52 inches] to 6.9 feet [83 inches] from front of cart when horizontal)
  • Boom swing (column rotates a total of 60 degrees at base, which means 8.75 feet [105 inches] linear Motion when arm is extended)
  • Camera pan
  • Camera tilt
  • Camera roll
Overview modeled OverView Extended OverView collapsed
OverView head OverView surgical1 OverView surgical2
OverView surgical3 OverView surgical4 MC
The system can easily be optimized to make it appropriate for other industries, such as standard film motion control, stop motion, or tabletop photography.  Additional features would include programmable motion with a high degree of repeatability, sleeker cabinet (without battery units), automated head leveling, and gyroscopic stabilization. Rig could also be adapted to expand into an automated track camera system.
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Design & Fabrication of Custom Engineered Machinery
Established in 1979